Good Sports Level Three Accreditation



Good Sports is a program that supports community sporting clubs to be safe, healthy and family friendly environments.

On 16 May 2007 the Werribee Hockey Club received Level 2 Accreditation and on 01 Jul 2009 we attained Level 3.

Werribee Hockey Club applies for Good Sports Level Three Accreditation

The Werribee Hockey Club has an ongoing commitment to responsible alcohol management and is now working towards Level Three accreditation under the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program.

The program aims to make clubs more viable by assisting with the responsible management of alcohol through the development of a code of conduct. It is the first nationwide alcohol management program of its kind.

As part of Level Three accreditation we will develop policies around responsible alcohol management including the sale of low alcohol drinks and soft drinks. Our facilities will be recognised as smoke free and we will develop safe transport strategies to ensure our members get home safely. Food will be provided when serving alcohol and the emphasis for player awards, fundraising, functions and prizes will not be alcohol.

We are confident our efforts will continue to improve the environment at the Werribee Hockey Club. We are working to ensure the Club is a great place to play and socialise for all members of our community.

The club will be regularly monitored to ensure we comply with the program. This is the responsibility of all our members to make sure we do the right thing while we’re enjoying ourselves and having fun.

The Good Sports program is supported by Vic Health, TAC and Alcohol Education Rehabilitation Foundation and was developed following research conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation that showed by introducing responsible alcohol management policies, clubs were able to improve membership and enhance viability.

For more information about Good Sports speak to Lyn Tout or Heinz Freisler.


Healthy Environment Lifestyle Program

The Hockey Victoria Club Healthy Environment Lifestyle Program (HELP) will provide the framework for a consistent approach to club health management across the state.

WHAT IS Hockey Victoria’s Club HELP?
Club HELP is a three level accreditation program aimed at providing education and assistance to clubs who are committed to providing quality service through establishing and practicing effective healthy policies to their members.

The levels of accreditation require the clubs to implement the following policies and practices to achieve the title as one of Hockey Victoria’s HELP clubs.

- Healthy Eating
- Smoke Free

- Injury prevention
- Sun Smart

- Responsible Alcohol

- Be committed to providing a healthy environment for club members
- Be willing to implement and support Club H.E.L.P. strategies
- Decide which level of accreditation is suitable for your club
- Develop policies and practices with the assistance of Hockey Victoria guidelines and sample policies

Congratulations to the following Club for their achievements:     Werribee Hockey Club - Level 3

A club who cares about their members is often well regarded in their local community and thus more likely to encourage new recruits

Up Coming Events

8th June     All Club Training Night
17th June   Men's Blue Round
17th June   Comedy Night
22nd July    Dinner at Club 250 
4th August   Casino Night